Suspend CLI license

I have a CLI license that when I set up at the computer we set it to the full month we got… We saw there were multiple options to activate by day, weeks or so. Since we already clicked for the whole month, is there any way to revert to just a week of use and keep the rest of the time? we miscalculate by far the time we needed

hello, you can forward the request to for consideration

Hello Oneris,

just for clarification. During the activation period your license is locked to the specific computer. However, even if you activate the license for e.g. one week and then do not use it for another week, license validity is not extended for the week of inactivity. License is valid for a fixed period of time depending on a type of license.

You can find more information here:

oh, understood, then it is ok, we would only use the license in that one computer if we need again, thanks for your quick reply!