Surviving Alaska need peeps to help finishing touch on game

“Surviving Alaska pits players against the harsh environment of the cold, wild Alaska where survivalists emerge and fight against its wildlife learning new skills,
trading materials with other survivors and crafting items to help them survive. All in a huge open world where clans of players will fight together against other clans in towns
of thier own construction. All these opportunities are up to you but will you survive your first winter?”

Soon we will green light the game. The Alpha game will be Hunting and fishing

right now we have Hunting and fishing working with multiplayer that’s playable.

We need blueprint person and FX

Skype David Ogden

All custom art asset being work on ATM

Wow this looks amazing . Love the environments and fishing animations. I am currently studying game development at college . I am in my second year out of 3 . I know both c++ and blueprints and have about 9months experience in unreal . I don’t care about money I’m just looking to build up a decent portfolio of projects for potential employment in the future .

thanks i just got back in town will be hitting you up talk soon