Survival Tactics Multiplayer with Destructions

ST_Multiplayer “Survival Tactics” Galactic Games with Destructions

We are pleased to present you a series of packs with Destructions and Multiplayer in the form of small games and missions
UE4 Marketplace: ST_Multiplayer “Survival Tactics” Galactic Games

Immerse yourself in the world of heroes who were stolen by aliens and forced to survive in various unusual situations in different parts of the galaxy!

Destructions in the packs are based on PhysX or Chaos.
Each new pack contains a new scene, new characters with animations, new vegetation, new 3D models, new destructible objects, new challenges for survival.
Pack contains:

  • Navigation system technology with dynamic update after destructions;
  • Jump Links system with high and low jumps (Smart Link);
  • AI for bots (with Behavior Tree, Blueprints, Navigation System) which you can to improve.
    All of this works in multiplayer mode.

You can modify and use this pack in your games!
Keep learning UE4!

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