Survival Project | WIP

a project that i started working on a week ago, its going pretty smooth i started working on an inventory and a crafting system and i hope it would work


for the tress and rockes i used an assets rpoject that i made:

it looks very smooth, well done, is this going to be an asset pack or a game in the end?

i wanted to make it a game but sadly ive stoped working on it fo some few reasons.
recently i was thinking about selling a little suvival kit allowing you to mine and chop wood and stone and probobly making a little building system.
so i will probably will upload a link to the thread in here in case of really making it.

Very nice Good work !

its a shame your stopping, as it is very nice,

Thank you guys :slight_smile:

Well you see the main reason i’ve stopped making the game is because sadly i had no more motivation cause the amount of survival games this days are huge, and trying to compete those other games is really scary and i’m not sure i will be able doing better especially when i want it to be a single player\co op experience and not like other survival games that meant to be played as a huge multiplayer games so i guess i’m aiming to a smaller target of audience.
your’e comments really making me want to keep working on it and i may really do it just for the hell of it i mean i dont really have somthing to do any way so it could a really nice project to work on, who knows :
but any way thanks for the comments :slight_smile:

Hi Zachery,

I just purchased your Builder. Perhaps, developing the ultimate in-game Construction/Customization System is your calling. That is, exactly what I’m doing here (see it in action). I’m certain it is going to be a Game Changer. You are a very talented Blueprint Scripter. Come Join me.

wow thats a really nice and ambitius project, sadly im not really interested in working on such a complicated project at the moment, i just left a game studio i was working as a blueprint scripter so im really tired of it, but who know ill join the discort and will talk with you maybe ill se what the work demand from me and tell you :slight_smile:
my name there is Ziv Iz btw