Survival open world project

[FONT=lucida sans unicode, lucida grande, sans-serif]I started a new project on UE4 Blueprints, i got more ideas, i want to make a survival open world shooter with a story but multiplayer, i want to craft weapons to find food and water, to craft almost evrything, altought i want a forest map, a building system, tree cutter system, rock and destroyed houses where you can find loot and military bases, also a raid system with C4 and more.
[FONT=lucida sans unicode, lucida grande, sans-serif]About:
i’am a intermediary blueprints worker, i know to implement weapons, a lit a bit of world design, and i know a lit a bit of almost all, i need advanced people in blueprints to make designs, weapons, animations, systems, and more, of course with me, i don’t stay relax and watch :). IF YOU’RE INTERESTED PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE!
After we finish the 70% of game and publish it, i’ll give you money from sells, we can talk about it if you want to take a part of this project, if we do what i said, this project will be 100% a succes!

Discord: STEFAN#2244

I HOPE YOU WANT TO DO THIS! :slight_smile:

The project its still opne for applies, so i wait for you!

Hey! I will apply i guess. Im not like a god at blueprints, but I can do the things you posted and a lot more.

Discord: ZeusXpress#8604

You can apply now, its still,open

Any Zombies, Killer Clowns, Robots, Giant Spiders? What are the players trying to survive?

to survive among them, to fight raids etc or we can make zombies or something

Awesome. Is the Game First/Third Person. Both?

I think First Person. but maybe i’ll do both idk

And do you want to join in our team?

I’m currently assessing the project and team. I worked on a team developing ExORION for nearly 1.5 years, doing all of the heavy lifting in the areas of administration, recruitment and programming tasks. Unfortunately, the project became defunct. Content Creation was the greatest struggle. Over a course of 4 years working with UnrealEngine, I’ve honed my Blueprints Networking skills and amassed a large asset library. In short, I possess all the resources needed to develop and publish this game, I just need two intermediary blueprints scripters who will trust my guidance and focus on tasks to push the game to completion. Thus my question is will your team join me?

i don’t know what to say, but let me to talk with my team and i’ll contact you

You can still apply for this project, i’am wating!

StefanGamer12311 I sent to you an email. I’m looking for an project to invest.