Survival Multiplayer game

Hi community , i want to know if ue4 can handle a game like rust , h1z1 with 100 players on a server.
is ue4 good for this or should i use unity 5?
will ue4 get good fps if there are 20 players who do pvp ?
i am a beginner so i want to know first before i do something.
i am afraid to start a project like this cuz i see the poor performance on ark survival evolved , is this game unoptimized or is ue4 fault?
if i use unity 5 i will be able to make a good graphics like ue4 ?
sorry is those are some djmp questions and sorry fir my english if is something wrong.

Hi mepetz,

We’re developing one with UE4 over here with Evil Clowns.

Lol trust me, when it comes to performance, Unity is awful, and isn’t built to handle large scale games. The reason that the performance of ARK was so terrible is that it was packaged with an older version of the engine before any of the open-world optimizations were pushed out, the developers of ARK don’t seem too code-smart either.

hmm , so i have another question , i dont know if i should use c+± or blueprint and i heard that bp is 10x slower than c++ , should i use bp and if the game seems to be laggy to port the bp to c++?

A lot of people seem to think that C++ is better than blueprints, but I absolutely guarantee that in most cases, it will be much quicker to use blueprints (not performance wise, work wise), in most cases you won’t even notice the difference in speed between blueprints and C++, it really only makes a difference when it comes to CPU usage.

but do you recommand me to learn c++ and c# for future ?

I recommend that you learn C++, C# is not used in UE4.

but i want to learn either for a it job i future and is used in jnity so

I’d say some of it is down to personal preference as well. I can actually find blueprints a little clunky to use for certain things when I can just bash out a few lines of C++ instead.

That said, if the OP is new to programming then they would probably find blueprints far more intuitive as they won’t have that level of fluency in C++ yet.

My personal approach is to use C++ for core game mechanics, and blueprints for one off scripting events, though that’s probably a habit I picked up when developing with UDK.

Unity is hardly capable of making any large scale games, it is meant more for smaller games such as mobile.

what about rust , reign of kings , 7days to die ?

Doing it in UE4 and at a rapid pace. Go Blueprints!

i think i will go with ue4 and c++ , c#. ty

Mepetz, I don’t know if you are experienced at all in computer programming, but to try and learn blueprints, C++, and C# all in the same time frame would be very difficult, even for me (I have 5 years of experience in computer programming). If it were up to me, I’d spend the first 6-12 months in blueprints (depending on your OO experience), and then slowly ease into other languages.