Survival horror team looking for custom rigger and animator.


We are a very small team of developers creating a traditional survival horror game and are in need of a rigger/animator. The assets will range from humanoid to regular looking objects.

Important info: We want someone to grow with, not someone to just do our rigs/animations then give them the boot. We are in this for the long run, and we are well aware of the challenges ahead. All we want is genuine people who love what they do, and will put 100% into it. Now, we’re not asking for full on professionals with degrees or anything; we’re looking for passionate individuals who will learn what is needed and grow with us, creating a team/family who just love to make games.

The important part: Money. Yes, money is a factor in all of this. A HUGE factor that we cannot just ignore. As of right now, we are looking to pay the team after release with profits made from sales. This information can be discussed if needed, just not here.

If you are interested, please PM me and we will talk.


Im a bit new to this , I know how to animate with Cinema 4D but not with blender but what programs can be used to animate ? I do know how to rig and animate but only in cinema 4D ( for now )

Edwin, all we need is someone who knows how to Rig and Animate all kinds of things, and export the rigs/animations into UE4. This subject is something none of us are familiar with, so we need someone who is… which is why we’re asking! :smiley: If you know how to do all of that, send me a PM and we can talk for sure.

Also, heres the a video giving an idea of what type of game we have going so far. Thanks.

Still looking for someone with passion towards custom rigging and animation skills. -_-