Survival Horror RPG The Fallen World

The Fallen World is a game of choice, and if you live long enough, consequence. You must hide, sneak, steal, and kill your way across a city on the brink. As reality crumbles and the machinations of the Choir of Pain reach their crescendo you must survive in a nightmare that never ends.
Discounted copies of the game as well as art books, soundtracks and tailor made demon hunting leathers can be obtained through this crowdfunding effort. DarkSpace Games is seeking 14k to fund development. Backers will receive early access to dev builds of the game and influence the design in real time during development. Please visit for updates or any questions you might have. And specifically from you, my fellow game devs, I’d love to know what you think the gameplay and story entail based only on the publicly available information. And if you’re willing bugging the **** out of your friends and neighbors about the campaign would certainly be appreciated! Thanks everybody!