Survival Horror Game multiplayer - PC

Project Title:
Currently Untitled.

The idea of the game is a open word horror game something like the film I AM LEGAND, based in a city infected by a mystery virus, we can also aim for a sandbox where you can build your own house or border up a skyscraper or a normal house with crafting system and many other things with a day/night cycle weather that effects your health for example too cold can make the player ill or die, too hot will also make the player die, also with atmospheric thunder and lighting and so on, we can also aim for looting not just normal building sutch as buildings and shops but hardware shops like DIY shops where you get wood, tools etc.

extra info: i understand there are many games like this but not many devs do it right they miss things out or have unbalanced AI, weapons or they give up, also a friend of mine said about having the AI only come out in the day unlike other game or films they come out at night, at the minute its only a idea please tell me what you think.

Team Structure:
At the moment its just me and its also a idea i tryed a few things in the unity engine but i have no luck and found out i need a team.

Previous Work:
This is my first title and i have no experience in making a game.

Talent Required:
I will be the project manager i am 18 soon 19.

Aged between 18 and lets say 25.
Good experience in unreal engine.
Able to create scripts for everything needed for the character to move weather systems random events and AI.
(some of the stuff i put may not be your job if so please correct me)
3D Character Artist(s)
Experience with any character creation tool of your choice required.
Experience with UE4 toolset a bonus.
Expected to create, rig and animate player, npcs & monsters.

There will most likely more people needed with different roles so please ask.

If the game gets made and attracts a fan base with loads of copies sold you will get paid but during it will be unpaid.

If you are interested please comment on this thread or add me on discord: conerfer

Thanks and hope to have you part of my team.