Survival Gear

**Survival Gear 2.0 is now available. **
More Assets, same price! Now with bonus picnic table for relaxing.
Marketplace page is here.
All comments and requests are welcome.

the campfire is missing and i think it’s the most important in a survival gear :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice items you have there.

Thanks Errvald!
And Axxi maybe I’ll throw in a campfire and some S’Mores for you in the next update :slight_smile:

Sounds great :D. Oh and a pack of cigarettes for a wonderful night in the forest haha

A Great update there mate (y)

Don’t forget the…


For um reasons…


Ha! Yeah Benjamin, I’ve got all sorts of meds on a list to make.

Does the compass function? If it pointed to north it would be an instant buy for me.

Very cool, every prepper’s must-have. Indeed, some FIRE and it would be perfect :slight_smile:

Not yet. But that’s a good idea :slight_smile:

@invinciblerobot - I would kill for a medieval/fantasy version of this pack.

Well that would make a great follow-up to the modular fantasy environment I’m working on now…

Oooh, very nice :smiley:

If you want to make your Survival Gear Pack REALLY unique than perhaps take a look at including some, if not all of the following items:

DIY Penny Soda Can Stove:


DIY Water filter system:


A flint fire starter kit:


Update your knife model to be more multi-purpose:


Survival rope and/or bracelet:




Flare and/or flaregun:



Hey Benjamin,

I actually have most of those items on my list of potentials. I’m sure I’ll be coming back around and adding more items to the pack once I get my current projects finished up. I appreciate the suggestions, thanks!

FYI: The Survival Gear package has been updated to 4.9 compatibility.

Also - I’ve had a few people ask if I’m planning on adding custom LODs to the package and I am though probably not anytime really soon. In the meantime if you need LODs for the assets soon I’m happy to share the source meshes with anyone who would like to make their own. Just email me at and I’ll send them along to you.

And finally if you’re liking the assets it would be really helpful to get some star ratings and reviews on the web marketplace if you have a minute.

Thanks all.


Survival Gear Assets are on sale from now until end of the day tomorrow (1/20) for 25% off.