Survival Game

Hi everyone!
For the last couple of months ive had this idea in my mind where i wanna create a fairly simple survival game.

So far ive created some assets and simple objects that you can interact with (fireplaces, pickups, basic terrain)

what i want now, is to be able to create some objects as the player, lets say for example, the fireplaces, ive created a class
blueprint for them, but now id like to be able to place em in game. Eventually, id like to be able to find them in the world, which will create an item
in my inventory, then place it, which will delete from my inventory.

Im pretty new to blueprint, any ideas on how to tackle this??
any ideas are welcome

Hey, Have you taken a look at the BluePrint Docs? You are trying to achieve multiple things here which blueprint can do but not at a beginners level. Since you will need arrays for your logic. Along with that take a look at the example “ninja run” the coin blueprints can show you a few things that will help for your wood or items.


Yeah, you are right.
I have taken a look at the docs, and i have some experience with udk’s kismet, but trying to get ahead of myself is something i always do, i guess i just need to wait a bit until theres more documentation and examples out there. I know what i want can be done, and i know the basics and the logic in what i want to do, i just lack the knowledge on how to achieve it… at the moment.