survival game for blue prints and other content examples

will there be a blueprint example like the C++ survival game and other content examples, there seems to be also of good examples in one project that seems to be scattered around the Net, Forums, WKI, answer hub, that seems to be the cases with a lot of thing. the UE4 videos a good but they are just too basic for what I have leant. and there are some good Tutorials but it’s good to have a example to reference off so you can look at where you went wrong, I know some people try to use them as a easy option but it never really works anyway with out he no how behind them , i guess what I am after is more in-depth inform but when it’s just scattered around you lack to context to use it properly. anyway my frustration that the moment is find out how to set up a third person player that uses different state with guns and so on but not just jamming them into the one state also setting up the Aim offet seems to but harder then it looks for a third person.