Survival Game Creation


Currently I decided to start creating a game, a survival game, with a system to be crafted, shot, built and more, I need at least 5-6 people to start the game development.


I need people who can make craft systems, people for weapons, for map, vehicles and clarity


So when the game starts the character is placed on the map with a weapon, a little food and a helmet. He must kill animals for armor and food to fight with other players for territories and resources, to smash cars / houses / bunkers. He has to find metal to grind a gun, stone for tools and wood for many other things. In the game you can also make boats to move around the map, at the same time you need materials to grasp scoupes and a lot of stuff more we can talk about all in private!
I AM waiting for applys and we can start working, trust me its a great idea and after the game is done, from the game profit i’ll pay for your work!


Have a nice day!