[Survey] Is there a market for an independent cross-application data exchange service for videogames

Hello everyone,

my name is Stephan, I am a Games Programming Bachelor Student at the SAE Institute in Berlin and currently writing my honours thesis. In my thesis I want to check the relevance of a cross-application data exchange service for videogames.

I think the best way to get information and first responses for my studies is to talk to you. You have experience in creating videogames and your market. I’m a game developer too and have created some games of different genres during my studies in the past two years. You can find examples of my work following the link below.

I have created a short survey that takes around 10 minutes of your time and will contain 25 questions. So if you are interested in a solution to make communication between your games more easy, feel free to read more on the front page of the survey which I have created for you:

Best regards,

already sent the survey !