[Survey] Help us Help you make Better Games

Hello fellow Game Developers, this is 2GuyGames. We are a fresh startup company situated in Germany and we reach out to you for our market analysis. We want to know how tools are used in game development. We do this to get a feeling for what the market (that means you, the developers) has and what it needs, so we can develop tools in the future that help make game development even better. We created a quick survey (1-2 minutes) for you to take. If you could fill it out and give it to your friends and collegues, that would be a huge help :slight_smile: link:

Hi people, thanks for your support so far! Let me just push this once, so some more people get to see it :slight_smile: When we are done with our survey (in a month or so), we will be publishing our results on medium. I will let you guys know when. Cya around!