Survey for student-made game.

I am a student Teesside University and me and my team are working on a game. So we were wondering whether it would be possible to leave a link for a survey for market research.


Howdy RevanHilts,

I am going to move this post to our General Discussion section of our forums as you are asking the community and not showing off any scenes from a project of yours.

You can link survey to your post or you can always add a survey to any new post, as long as it is game development related.

Thanks and have a great day!

sure link it here, i would fill it out happily XD

Just post it. I always have time to fill out some surveys :slight_smile:

Why not? Sure, post it here, I as a former student perfectly know how important it is to collect people’s survey when I was working on my own project. I have seen dune of links on this forum so if you eave yours nothing bad happens :slight_smile: