Survey Data + photos with shift lens

Hi there,

I was experimenting with the demo and I have a few questions.

  1. Does RC support lens shift lenses?

  2. The result I want to achieve, is to align the resulting geometry, to survey data (the survey data are provided by an external partner in the form of excel spreadsheet). I don’t mind if I have to manually help the software to match the geometry to the survey data. Finally, to export all - cameras and geometries - to 3ds Max.

Is that doable? Is there any existing tutorial showcasing a similar workflow? I did a quick research and most example are for LaserScans.


Hi Nick,

what do you mean by survey data? Marked reference points with known coordinates? That is possible.

However I would be surprised if shift lenses are supported since this introduces a very specific distortion model…

Hi Götz,

Many thanks for the reply. Yeah, I guessed so about the shift lens, but I thought to ask anyway in case I was missing something.

Regarding to the survey data, yep, that’s correct. We receive the known reference point in 3d coordinates as an excel document. I was trying to find a tutorial/example anything similar but I couldn’t. Any idea if there is any video showing a similar workflow?


No idea if there’s a specific video. But it’s not more complicated than anything esle in RC. Just import the coordinates as Ground Control, and then you can identify them in the images. Apparently, in the new version they added an automatism, that can place them roughly and you just need to fine-tune.

Do you not have a demo to try out the shift lenses? Who knows, maybe it works. You could try the first distortion model (Division) or the last (Brown4 with extras).

Great! Many thanks for your replies Götz, I really appreciate it.