Survey and c#

Hi to you all,
have you notice that in the recent survey (I received it two days ago) they ask us about our knowledge with programming languages ,tools etc etc
I see c#… being a full time c# user at work I was happy to see that… (I saw even JavaScript … maybe scripting UI ??? who knows)
I guess maybe they want to introduce it as a alternative to c++ and blueprint (which are awesome anyway).
What ya think?
I know there are tools (or they’re about to be released) in the marketplace and online websites to use c# and html css JavaScript
but I think if it’s supported straight from Epic this would be really Epic lol :wink:


I think Epic should focus on features that are already included and after they released their “final version” or the most stable version of ue4 (like not planning to change the c++ api so people can actually write books that aren’t outdated after some time) they should start implementing other languages like C#. Although I personally don’t think C# is needed in ue4. But I don’t mind if it’s there as long as it doesn’t require users to learn both c++ and c#.