Surrender like PayDay

Looking to have a surrender like system where the AI stops all actions and plays an animation once the F key has been hit twice while the player is looking at them

ok so whats the question here? are you looking to have someone make it for you? if so you should go to the forum and look for the section to hire someone.

Its actually a relatively easy script to write. if your looking to make it yourself then i would suggest putting on a shelf and learning simpler things until you learn a little bit more. start with breaking down what you want to happen. to begin look into something like: ok how can i play an animation when a button is pressed. then progress on to ok now how can i make the same thing happen but only after its been pressed twice. then move on to it only happening when the player is looking at them and the button is pressed twice. the last step will require either some vector math or using traces.

Thanks, ideally I am looking for tutorials that would help me with this process but have had difficultly finding ones that let me interact with AI in a way which would allow something like this

This sounds like a great tutorial to add to my youtube page, unfortunately my PC went down and I’m on something cheap until I can afford a new build, and don’t think I would be able to record it. But I would definitely start with line tracing to the AI on a button hit, and getting the AI actor.

here is my page. I might try to attempt to do a tutorial of this either way, it just might take a while, and take some editing to remove all the parts of waiting for compiles.