Surrender, a WW2 themed 3d realtime short for VR

Hi everybody,
I want to introduce you the three main actors of a little (not so little) animated short I have in mind, “Surrender”, it takes place in the famous Battle of Britain and it is intended to be viewed in VR and completely realtime. With this, I want to experiment with cinematic narrative in Virtual Reality.
At this moment I´m looking for a suitable method to make volumetric clouds, and any help will be appreciated.
Hope you like it.

The only volumetric clouds I’ve seen that look good are these:

I have no idea how to do it, though. Looking forward to seeing this demo in action!

Hi Wilkes,
I decided to put the demo online and make the people able to follow the process. You can get the exe here:
At the moment, you can only fly around and look.
I´ll post any updates after vacations :wink:


Just checked it out. You’ve got some beautiful assets! What did you use for your pipeline? Specifically, what did you make your materials with?

Hi Wilkes,
The planes shading were made in Allegorithmic Substance Painter, I like it very much, really fun.

Hope somebody can help me with a, I think little, problem. I´m making the cannons firing by adding a particle system that fires a particle in the X axys. I´m planning to activate it in Matinee when I need it.
The problem is that I am unable to create the trail effect. I´ve tried the ribbon, but I get nothing. I must be doing something wrong.
Can anybody help me with this, please? Please look at the next image:

Thank you

I´ve been following this video and it´s ok, but I would like the cannon to fire automatically and activate/deactivate it in Matinee. Is it possible?

Clouds update

A little updated on the project. Didn’t have time to pay attention to it but manage to get some to add clouds to the scene.

It’s being a while since the last time I played around with the project. These are just a couple of tests with volumetric fog: