This is my first project with EU4.
So I started with the idea to create an endless runner mixed with a shootem up (a bit like “Space Harrier” arcade game).

So for short :

The player is an Air Surfer with weapons. You can slide left-right and jump.
Differents destructibles or not (static or animated) obstacles popup randomly in front of the scene.
Dynamics enemies also appear but their movements and behaviors will be scripted .
And of course, boss at end of stages.
The player gets differents collectables weapons and bonus.

current status :

I do everything with BluePrints for now (really cool feature).
I tunned basics player input, shoot and destroy obstacles.

Here a proto :

This has lots of potential. I like the idea of the surfer. Have you thought about making the targeting of firing with the mouse, and the control of the “board” with keys - could make the game more dynamic having to focus on the direction travelling to avoid collisions yet also focussing on enemies in other parts of the screen.

looks exciting

JustinSA : yes could be a good idea I will test this gameplay, thanks.

This look like it could be a lot of fun! Something to pass the time while on the bus / train whatever.

Also, another thing I noticed is that there is motion blur happening when the board moves left and right, but when it is going straight ahead there is no motion blur (like zoom motion blur coming towards the camera) - try adding this and it will make it feel a lot faster and convincing.

Love the concept! It’s a very underexplored branch of the 3rd person shooter family tree.

Reminds me of Race the Sun - cool concept.

Nice looking project so far keep it rolling. :slight_smile:

Any progress on this, I’m keen to see what’s new.

Can’t wait to see where this goes, looks interesting.

Yes, I’m actually working on the surfer 3D model and animations, I’ll submit screens soon :wink:

yay :smiley: its very anticipating

It is lol.

enhenced proto with animated model, animblueprint, blendspace… :slight_smile:

This is looking exactly like what everyone thought the internet would look like 20 years ago.

+1 lol so true!

+2 loooooool that comment deserved to be on the top :smiley: :smiley: . anyway that game seems pretty hard :stuck_out_tongue:

OMG, that’s too much :smiley: But so true…


After the first post I resolved to reply with “Make him silver”, but damned if you didn’t do it already.

Now give me Galactus as a boss please