Im new here and i learning use engine and i need little help with surf
i try to do something like in Counter strike you surf on the side of a object
i create the ramp and change air control but i dont know how to let the person slide and get more speed on it
someone can help me?

One thing you can try is to make it so that the character will be in a “falling/jumping” state on the surfaces you want them to slide on. At least to get you started.

can you explain how i do it?
I’m new and i don’t know all that

Hey Angerag,
The reason surfing works in counterstrike is due to air acceleration and a bug that makes the engine think the player is in the air (no ground friction or braking applied) when it is on an incline at a certain speed.

I was able to implement source style air acceleration and ramplsliding via blueprint which is the basis for surfing, but you would need to tweak the logic for determining when the player can slide to enable full surfing

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