Suppress specific warning?

I’m trying to suppress a silly warning caused by the fact that I’m using a mix of Kinematic and Simulated Physic Types in a PHAT asset.

The issue itself is that if I have Simulated set for the root bone, then the mesh will be pushed all over the place - even if you set this really high weight/mass you still run the risk of it moving.
I can’t have that, so Kinematic instantly solves the issue.

however, then you get an overload of useless warnings
“BP_NAME.SkeletalMeshComponent0 SK_NAME has to have ‘Simulate Physics’ enabled if you’d like to AddImpulse.”
On top of the first error, you also get
“BP_NAME.SkeletalMeshComponent0 SK_NAME (bone:Root) has to have ‘Simulate Physics’ enabled if you’d like to AddImpulse.” if you enable collision for the root bone.

First of, NO, I very much would NOT want to add impulse to the root bone. If I did, I probably wouldn’t have chosen Kinematic.
Second of, My message log gets inundated with those and testing performance is toast.

While, yes, I can suppress all warnings - and get back on the horse, so to speak, with testing. This in turn breaks other messages I do need to see.

Has anyone found a way around this issue?
Any suggestions?

Sorry for the exhumation of this topic, but this unanswered question is still very relevant to me, I have exactly the same needs / observations / requirements regarding those undesirable warnings when I voluntarily configure my Skeletal meshes with both kinematic and simulated physics (Kinematic on the root bone, simulated bones otherwise, for the reason given by MostHost LA). → I have searched in many places for a simple answer to this question. If anyone has some insights, I’d be grateful.

When you enable simulate on the object there is a checkbox option to keep it in place on different axis.
Toggling that on makes it so the warnings aren’t present (not really a solution imho) but still.