Supporting screen readers

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I’m trying to enable Screen Reader support for the UI in my game. I’ve found where to change the UI settings, but not where to enable this feature.
Does anyone know how I can change the “project or Engine Console Variable configuration file”? ( Supporting Screen Readers | Unreal Engine Documentation )

I had a look at the existing files in the Config folders, and none of them seem to match the description given in the above link.

I’ve found several other links that unfortunately don’t tell me much:

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Could still use a hand with this :frowning:

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Hey, sorry for the delay. There are some details about setting console variables at this link, the main one being the file Engine/Config/ConsoleVariables.ini. If the file doesn’t exist for some reason, you can create it in the location that it says its supposed to be in. Console Varaibles C++ In Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation

There are a couple different places you can set them described on that page, and you can also set console variables directly in the engine with the ` (~) key, with the Execute Console Command node, or with startup arguments (also described on that page).