Supporting player

Hello friends

Tell me how to make a supporting players like call of duty . If anyone have tutorial please share here

I said how make a auto pawn . Supporting player like call of duty

Do you mean AI Bots like Enemies or the actual role of a Support Player (i.e. one with a large machine gun). Your question is very cryptic and has no context so it is impossible for people to assist you in this regard.

Maybe if you add some context and more information, we might be able to assist you or point you in the right direction.

to enforce @qdelpeche you should realize that myself I have never played any game of the call of duty franchise.
So I have no idea of what your are asking! your assumption that your description make sens to every reader of your question is wrong^^.

Thanks for reply. supporting player mean. 4 other character help player and play different task.mp_1.jpg