Supporting multiple Unreal Engine versions for my plugin


Im trying to figure out a way to support multiple Unreal Engine versions (4.17 - 4.20) for my plugin. One way is to submit multiple plugins, each specifying the EngineVersion in the .uplugin file corresponding to the Unreal Engine version I want to support. Is there a better way of doing this where I do not have to manage multiple plugins?


Hey @sanchitgarg, thanks for asking. Currently, the binary/api compatibility of UE4 C++ requires that we build different versions of your plugin against each version of UE. So you’re correct to edit the EngineVersion in the .uplugin to differentiate which binary each version should be built against. Please take a look at the Code Plugins section of the Marketplace Guidelines for more information on differences in the requirements for each UE version and how to compile your plugin accordingly.

Hi, are you saying that even if the only difference between version of a plugin is the EngineVersion value in the .uplugin file you still need to submit separate complete packaged plugins for each one?
I have a plugin in development that compiles fine against several versions, can’t you support an array for the EngineVersion field please? e.g. “EngineVersion”: [ “4.25.0”, “4.26.0”, “4.27.0”. “5.0.0” ],