Supporting Multiple Languages - Dialogue / Audio

I am working on a game currently in Unreal 4.12 Preview 3

We will be supporting multiple languages and I know there is a localization feature in Unreal 4 for the Text per language but is there anything to support the individual audio files per language or will this have to be a function built in blue print to call individual Sound Cues with each line per language ?

I also just learned about the “experimental” tab enabled Localization Dashboard. I see an option to import Dialogue but my question is, does this import individual audio files, will it work with Cues?

Any help, tips would be appreciated.


We are in the same boat. I am able to localize text easily but asset localization does not work for me. The Export Script feature works fine but importing an edited script (GameDialogue.csv) that contains data for Audio File Names, DialogueAssets, etc., returns a format error. I’m sure I’m not doing things correctly. However, It would be great if someone from Epic can put together a video, showing off the localize asset process. This would answer a million questions for many people since this is a lowly documented feature.


Hello! Did you get any answer for this from a different thread? Im struggling with the same problem (please help!)

Hey buddy! Did you get an answer for this? I found the way to do localized assets and localized audio with the localization dashboard. I was having problems with it too cause there is not much on it, but it was pretty simple actually.

Please comment or send me a message if you want me to explain a detailed pipeline. Id be glad to.

Major things you need to know:

Yes localization works with queues. However, youll need the queue to be playing a dialogue wav though, not just any regular wav file. At least thats the easiest way to do it. with a dialogue wav file you specify a context (who is talking and who is listening), and an overridable subtitle for that context. You also specify the audio file to play in there.

Then you right click over this dialogue and simply press on asset localization - create localized asset - and then select the culture for which you want it localized. It will make a copy of this asset under a L10N folder where your languages are. You just need to import these files in yout localization dashboard. Then whenever you play the root asset (the one which is not under L10N folder), the system will automatically pick the localized asset for the active culture. You can edit localized assets / dialogues to play different sounds for different cultures. - Sounds confusing but please let me know if you need more help and Ill be glad to help :slight_smile:

Another thing which no one told me you need to know, is that localized assets or dialogues dont update at runtime (ie you cant change the localization at runtime and expect sounds to be different. They will be the same). The map must be reloaded for the localized assets to update in your project.

I hope this throws some light into it, and can help anyone confused. These are the main notions that helped me manage to get it working.

Ok hope this will help you buddy. Let me know if you have any doubts.

  1. Right click over your queue and select asset localisation and localise to whichever language you want. (I believe for this you must have included an additional language in your loc dashboard before). Save this new localised queue.

  2. Go to loc dashboard. Where it says raw audio path, select the path to your localised audio (look at the example path in the photo)

  3. On language where you want to import audio, select "Import dialogue wav files for this culture right next to it (look at cursor on image).

  4. Compile translations for that culture.

  5. That should be it. Now, if youre using a generic dialogue wav file, the queue played in it will correspond to the localised versión you have created, which corresponds to the language the game is set at.

Ive answered this but i dont think its been uploaded.

■■■■! Ill have to write this down again. Im sorry man, apparently my message wasnt sent.

Here are the steps, but please let me know if you find any trouble :slight_smile:

  1. Right click over your queue, select asset localisation, and select the language you want to localise it for. I beliealt textve first you must have had included this culture in your localisation dashboard.

  2. Click on localisation dashboard, and click where it says raw audio path. Select path corresponding to the language you want to import. Look at example in the photo.

  3. Next to the culture for which you want to import the audio wav files, select “import audio wav files for this culture” (Shown in photo).

  4. Compile translations for this culture.

Now, if youre using a dialogue asset with this queue, the localised queue which corresponds to the active culure will be the one played. I hope this helps buddy.


You sad “You just need to import these files in yout localization dashboard.”
How exactly should i import them to loc. dashboard?