"Supported Platforms" info in the Marketplace

I"m currently working with UE on my Mac. When I see something for sale in the Marketplace…in this case, an animation pack…does it matter that it doesn’t have the Mac symbol as a “supported platform”? If I’m working with UE on my Mac anyway, shouldn’t the stuff I buy work automatically? Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Huggybare,

In general, the best bet would either be to send an email/post on a forum thread about support for the product and ask if it has been tested. In many cases it is either untested so it is not confirmed to work for certain, but in some cases the product actually does not work on particular platforms, so before purchasing it is highly recommended you get this information.

Is it possible, or reasonably feasible, to hire somebody to make a Marketplace items workable on a Mac. Or would this just be a waste of resources?