Supported Agents not working on Unreal engine 4.15.0

Hello! I have a problem with supported agents for navmesh in Unreal engine 4.15.0. I have 2 supported agents: 1 ( named: “First” ) has agent radius 200, agent height 300 and nav agent step height 60, and the other ( named: “Second” ) has agent radius 20, agent height 96 and nav agent step height 30.
I have 2 type of characters: in the first type I have change movement capabilities ( Nav agent radius 20, nav agent height 96, nav agent step height 30 ), and in the second type I have change movement capabilities ( Nav agent radius 200, nav agent height 300, nav agent step height 60 ). For all of types of characters I have disabled “Update Nac Agent with Owners Collision”
When I rebuild the navigation, i see 2 navdata correctly. When I start the game, the second type of character move correctly, whereas the first type don’t move.
I see that the first type of character, the one who doesn’t move, have selected the navData correctly (“Second”).
I don’t understand why. Can you help me? Thanks a lot

My characters have UCrowdFollowingComponent. If I remove this, all characters move correctly… why?

Hey, I’m having the same issue but I don’t have the UCrowdFollowingComponent on my characters. Not sure what’s going on but I have the same setup, 2 supported agents with 2 different radius and only one of the characters moves. Any tips would be appreciated.

I’m having the same problem, I have 4 different agents, a Beetle, a Spider, some humanoids and Worms, each have a different Navigation Agent, for some reason only the ones using the “Default” Nav Agent work (In my case, its the Humanoid Navigation Data). I had to make a workaround where I disabled using the default capsule to chose an agent and allowed all actors to use the “Default” data, which is terrible for me because these are all different sized creatures which should be allowed to walk on different places and surfaces.

I also use UCrowdFollowingComponent, but I have not tested without it.

Hi!! I had the same problem and thanks to this thread I was able to narrow the culprits: in my case I had to change ECrowdSimulationState in the UCrowdFollowingComponent and set it to enabled for the AI moving with the first agent and to ObstacleOnly for the second.

I came with this solution looking at an old project from my team where the navmesh had multiple agents, but copying all the navmesh and navagents options didn’t work, but with this thread, I searched through the code and found that difference with the SimulationState.

I don’t know if it’s the most optimal solution, the only solution or if it will work in your cases.

THANK YOU SO MUCH. This is the only post in the whole Internet that gave a solution to why multiple nav-mesh actors dont work together!
We are using an AiBehavior plugin, and had this problem for weeks now!

I do not find this options in BP.
Do you have an advise?
I still struggle to set up up different Supported Agent with different nav meshes. Only one of them is moving.
It seems to be the same problem, because when I change from “detour crowd” AI controller to normal AI controller it works. ****, on some days I hate UE4. Seems that some things are implemented like randomly working together and search forums took hours/days and documentation says nothing about it! :frowning:

When you change the things like you advised, is detour crowd AI functionality still working and optimize walking in groups?

I just spent two hours reading through source code, trying to identify what in the world was wrong with my UCrowdFollowingComponent. THANK YOU. I cannot thank you enough.