Support web-browser "Add as search..." on

Hey all,

If you right click in the search field on most web browsers (Chrome/Firefox at least) on the search field for Bing Search - Unreal Engine you can choose “Add as search…” and set it up with a custom keyword to search - ie: I could set the “un” keyword to that search field in my web browser and then open a new tab and type “un <keyword>” and it would plug that keyword into that search field and load the results page.

That is at least, in theory. For whatever reason when you do that with the one on the page, it’ll load a page that has your search term in the address bar (ie: Bing Search - Unreal Engine ) but no search results are displayed and the search field isn’t pre-populated with the text either.

It’d be nice if this was resolved so that direct links to search queries (such as the URL above) would actually search for the term and display the results - this would probably fix it for web browser search ones too. It’d make getting to that search much faster, though I do understand I have the one built into the editor in the mean time.