[SUPPORT] VR Gravity Grab + VR Gravity Grab Oculus

**Use with SteamVR : VR Gravity Grab
Use with Oculus : VR Gravity Grab Oculus

VR Gravity Grab** provides remote grabbing functionality similar to AAA quality VR games. Finger-level precision hand physics is also included as a bonus feature.


Use ***BP_***MotionControllerPawn_GravityGrab and BP_MotionController_GravityGrab blueprints directly, or create your own blueprints inherited from them. By default, you aim your index finger at a pickable item then press trigger to make it jump into your hand. Grab the item like usual when it comes near your hand. Gravity Grab make items come to you but won’t grab them for you.


  • Gravity Grab let a pickable item jump into player’s hand.
  • Slow motion is applied when Gravity Grabbed item comes close so it’s easier to grab.
  • A pointer is attached to the hand to assist aiming.
  • Gravity Grab candidate items are highlighted with glowing effect.
  • Glowing effect is applied to hand mesh during slow motion.
  • Blueprints are inherited from SteamVRInput example to ensure maximum compatibility.
  • Compatible with default pickup actor type of SteamVRInput example.
  • Blueprints are clearly commented with orange comment block and variable tooltips.


  • Precise finger level hand physics against dynamic objects.

VR Gravity Grab is released! You can discuss the product here.

Hi, Just brought this and I can’t get it to work. Created a project switched to the MotionController Map and lauched it but the only thing I can do is highlight the pickup items.
The hand follow the motion controllers but I have no animations and I can’t pick anything up.

Very sorry for late reply, really.
It looks like there is some problem with the motion controller key binding. We have a video about how to export the key binding to other projects. Hope this help.