Support Thread: Oculus VR Production for Unreal Engine

Hi. I am working through this course right now. I am currently stuck on implementing standard controller motion in course 3. I think I have all the code in place, but for some reason I cannot get the motion to work. The oculus controllers return zero even if I move the thumbsticks.

Good afternoon everyone!

I wanted to drop in and let everyone know that the feedback in this thread has been brought forward, is being collected, and will be investigated. I also want to thank @ooghe for the very comprehensive list of issues they ran into while taking the course and possible solutions or work arounds to enable those struggling to continue on with their learning.

Also, if you do encountered bugs or issues with this course or any other, we ask that you please submit a ticket through our support page: [Unreal Online Learning]

Thank you!


my pleasure! I hope it helps.

Someone can give me some help for “adding UMG to the dart game”? Because it’s asked to continue alone, but I’m having problem to figure it out. If someone have tips or images of the various stage, it may be very helpful :slight_smile: