Support Stream – Blender Animation & UE4 – Jan. 13th, 2015

Could you probably open a new thread about that in the animation section? There more people will see your questions + you get a faster answer. :slight_smile:

I have pretty much got into the same trouble with the right foot, and have resorted to using .dae export and using AutoDesk’s FBX converter (you can get that for free).

Here is how it goes:

  1. Open “SK_UE4_Mannequinn_273.blend”
  2. Select all under object mode, Press “N” for Transform tab, and set scale for X, Y, and Z to 1.00 (from 0.01)
  3. Select all under object mode, Rotate everything such that Z points Up, Y points Backwards, and X points Left
  4. Export under “.dae”, using operator presets
  5. Use AutoDesk FBX converter to convert to FBX2013. Be sure to select Binary under “FBX Save Mode”, and also check “embed media”

Hi Doubtless,

Which version of Blender are you currently using? The 2.73a version has a known FBX export error that was fixed in the yet to be released in 2.74. There is a buildbot version of 2.74 that you can get here:

I’ve tested on this and the mannequin does export/reimport correctly, though the animations are rotated at an incorrect angle (we’re currently looking into this to see if it is on our end or theirs so it can be appropriately addressed).

actually 2.74 has been out, and that -> ‘should be fixed’

in fact 2.75 already has a RC release candidate

all available here:

note: personally sticking with 2.74 for now since (‘so far’) it works

Wait! Edit Note: want more blender tutorials btw, they were great! :slight_smile:

Hey ayretek,

I was not aware that 2.74 was out and 2.75 was on it’s way! That is extremely exciting news (and shows how much I keep up with new releases of Blender ;)). I’ll certainly be updating here soon.

can’t wait! thx adam

I know I’m very late on this one, but much appreciated!

Sorry guys, just bumping to make this thread alive again, i’d be curious to see more examples of what you did with it!

so when is the IK and weight painting video coming?

I know this thread is a bit out dated. I am trying to get the simple function of export the mannequin and import to blender then export back and import back to unreal. This process seems to be more complicated than it appears on the surface. I was using Blender 2.74 which had an issue because the import of the FBX would give it 2 root bones which then would fail the import back into unreal. So I switched to 2.77 which fixes the two root bone problem it renames one of them to root.001. When I bring it back into unreal that seems to work fine. I can even assign it back to the original skeleton with no errors or even warnings on import. Then I try to apply the animations and it is all messed. I have tried every combination of Z Up and something forward. I have messed with the scale which by the way blender with a scale set to metric 1 unit now works with 1 scale to get the correct size rather than 100. I guess they changed the unit to 1cm rather than 1m. Any suggestions on the export options that might help?


If anyone is interested, the Auto-Rig Pro addon now supports Unreal export, with humanoid for retargetting and generic rig.