Support some Codecs for Movie footage.

Hello Epic Team.

Hope my posting will go right forum.
I am very new about the Unreal engine 4, and thank you for your kind and fully helpful guide of the UE4.

first of all, My speaking in eng is not good, so my opinion can be little rude or humble, so I would like to ask the excuse about it first. .

I would like to ask you to add more footage codecs (especially quicktime prores)
Here is my situation that I am facing,
My team made some cool VR video footage and trying to play in UE4.
Under my work process, I am using Prores 422 codec for reviewing and finalizing my work. but here is my issue that I have to convert wmv or mp4 which video data loss will be occured.
What my concern is not the additional converting process, but the quailty of the footage.
and seems that there are another data loss step when I put my footage into UE4. (I created a sphere and connected my footage using material)

Of course I strongly understand that prores codec is not cheap, it is expensive in the reousrce.
But for the quality of the footage in UE4, I would like to ask you to add codec, or would like to suggest some guide line (bitrate, codec, and etc) in document.

Thank you for reading my humble opinion,