[SUPPORT] Simple Weapon Trace System

The Simple Weapon Trace System is a tracing system comprised of one component, the Simple Weapon Trace Component. Attach the component under any weapon, projectile, or other damage-dealing entity and add either collision shapes (box and sphere compatible) or sockets on the weapon mesh that the component automatically detects. Activate and deactivate the component at will to start and end frame-to-frame interpolated trace sweeps that account for already hit actors, hit direction with respect to velocity, blocking by collision type/surface type, max hit limits, and per-collision shape damage. The component also features trace substepping and a variety of settings to ensure trace accuracy even with fast attacks or low frame rates. Useful debugging options are included out of the box. Use it for melee weapons, environmental hazards, or even projectiles as demonstrated in the example map. Utilize the component’s OnHit event and other dispatched events to apply damage and further customize behavior. The component is entirely blueprint-based and straightforward to understand, implement, and expand upon.

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Feel free to leave any questions on the marketplace page, here in this thread, or sent to my email at [EMAIL=“”]

Change notes will be included below


  • Better rotation interpolation on colliders during substepped traces
  • Component class whitelist/blacklist to specify/ignore component classes that can register as hits

How does it work in low fps situation? I tested in low fps (setting t.MaxFPS 10) , animations frames are skipped, then trace locations will be wrong. It’s not about setting low tick rate on that actor cos that doesn’t skip animation frame.

any update for 4.27?

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