[Support] RPMSF - Multiplayer Shooter Framework. 8 game modes.

Hello everyone.

I would like to present my new multiplayer shooter template - **RPMSF

MarketPlace Link**

**I removed melee weapons and bonuses from marketplace version because I couldn’t fix some problems with animations. Write to one of my emails and I will send you all bonuses and project version with melee weapons. ** [HR][/HR]
Support channels:

Discord Support channel: RAD UE4 Multiplayer Templates
Support emails: [EMAIL=“”], [EMAIL=“”] [HR][/HR]

- YouTube [HR][/HR]

This multiplayer shooter template includes everything you need to create your own multiplayer shooter game prototype as quickly as possible.
Template is intended for fast prototyping, fast game modes creation and mostly concentrated on the global game logic.

With this template you can create simple game modes like DeathMatch, game modes with many teams and many rounds and even game modes with multistage rounds.

I think the most interesting feature of this project is the teams system - change just one variable and you can have 2, 5, 10, 50 different teams.

Also, you will get 3 my previous projects for free:

1 -
2 -
3 - [HR][/HR]

  • Highly customizable and flexible architecture
  • 100% Blueprint.
  • 8 game modes. All game modes are independent from each other. All game modes work with listen and dedicated servers.
  • Teams system - change just one variable and you can have as many teams as you want (for example in Battle Royale game mode, in DUO mode are 50 teams)
  • Player class system. Three classes: Assault, Medic and Sniper
  • Spectator mode. After death player can watch for other players
  • 2 lobby types - Classic UI lobby and lobby hub location
  • Map vote system.
  • Projectile based weapons – Pick up, Equip, Holster, Drop
  • Melee weapons
  • Permanent damage system and health regeneration
  • Configurable weapons (damage, effects, sound, kills log icon, etc)
  • Configurable game mode options: round time, friendly fire, allowed classes, etc.
  • Battle Royale with solo, duo, squad x4, 50x50 game modes + plane and moving barrier


  1. DeathMatch
  2. Team DeathMatch
  3. Classic
  4. Capture The Flag
  5. Asymmetrical game mode example
  6. Multistage rounds game mode example
  7. Fast Battle Royale
  8. Battle Royale - solo, duo, squad x4, 50x50 game modes


  • Main Menu (host game, server browser, quick play)
  • Lobby widget - player class selection, chat, team change
  • In-Game Menu
  • Player HUD
  • Observer HUD
  • Kills log with headshot indicator and weapon icons
  • Scoreboard – Teams score, player’s kills, deaths, ping, etc. Players are sorted by score
  • Round Finish Screen – shows winner player or winner team.
  • Map vote widget


Number of Blueprints: 83
Widget blueprints: 27
Maps: 7
Engine Compatibility: 4.19+
Supported Platforms – PC / Windows
Important/Additional Notes: This is a Blueprint project. It’s recommended to use this as a base for your project.

Template architecture:


Hi, i am interested in buying this framework, as a start for my project. I wanted to ask you two questions only:

  • does it include all the server management and stuff from Multiplayer Shooter Template v2 + Dedicated Servers Manager + 5 game modes - DM,TDM,Classic, BR, MBR
  • also you say that we get the other 3 projects for free. When I buy this on sellfy, you are going to allow me download them or send links ?

Thanks and have a great day.

server manager is not included into RPMSF template. It as a bad solution.

But you will get old project with server manager for free.

Bonus projects are located in the RPMSF archive.

Ok thank you. Already got it. About the server - what approach would you suggest?

RPMSF template just has been released!

You can use VaREST plugin and write server info into some database at server start. And then you need to give players ability to get that servers list from a database and connect to a server.
Maybe you need something like “master server”. It’s a difficult topic, I can’t help with that.

if we already bought the template previously why do we have to buy it again now that its fully released?

No, you don’t have to.

You may read about youtube and marketplace version differences at discord, #welcome channel - RAD UE4 Multiplayer Templates

Real class work what you have done @ bv01d.
But I noticed what in the lobby, the map name is not transferred to the lobby.
Sorry my English not good :slight_smile:

The best asset in all this Forum and big thanks for helping me out making crazy cool game, saving my not so important buy anywhy time. :wink:

Loving this so far and have just run into my first issue: It seems like Q is hardcoded to the Q keyboard event rather than being mapped in input. I can’t find where it is and I need to change it. What blueprint is it in?

Hi bv01d
Can you tell us what is the difference between this paid marketpalce asset and your latest free v2 one?

Just bought this and sword blueprint did not come with the template, I can see the meshes but no information on the weapon setup or example to work off of. Also none of your links work.

MarketPlace version comes without melee weapons. I send you a link to version with melee weapons

I’m not sure how to reply directly to an answer on the UE4 Marketplace questions tab, there isn’t a reply button. So I’m posting here. For everyone else reading, I asked:
“I would like to be able to setup a test game mode using the HUD, PlayerState, PlayerController, GameState, and Character from my actual game mode. It’s massive waste of time to have to launch from the mainmenu map, host a game, and launch the match just to test things in game. If I could simply play in editor in my test level, but still have use of the HUD and everything that would be great. My actual game mode isn’t anything special, it’s basically a slightly modified version of team deathmatch. For example’s sake, could you tell me how to modify your TDM game mode so that I can right click, and play in editor without the lobby popping up?”

a13xff suggested that I look at the TestMap included in the project.

Unfortunately, the template TestMap still brings up the lobby when attempting to launch in editor, which requires you to wait 5 seconds. It won’t allow you to use the “play from here” feature, and it doesn’t work when playing as client. This is all prohibitive to testing.