[SUPPORT] ROG Modular Medieval Armor & Cloth / Accessories & Robes / & other assets

ROG Assets list

  1. **ROG Modular Medieval Armor and Cloth **(release date - 06/09/2020, last update - 08/28/2020)
  2. **ROG Modular Medieval Accessories and Robes **(release date - 06/09/2020, last update - 08/28/2020)
  3. **ROG Magical Two-Handed Staffs **(release date - 06/16/2020, last update - 07/28/2020)
  4. **ROG Modular Medieval Beds **(release date - 07/14/2020)

**All these assets we made for our project in development - ******Reign of Guilds. ****By some reasons we have made a decision to share it with UE4 Community. * * * * * * * * * *
1. ROG Modular Medieval Armor & Cloth AND 2. ROG Modular Medieval Accessories & Robes

The actual version is 3.1 (09/21/2020), you can find patch note here

This is our view of the dark magical Middle Ages in a realistic style.
These 2 assets complement each other. It summary contains more than 200 items for thousands of combinations:

  1. 112 items of modular armor & cloth (slots: head, chest, legs, feet);
  2. 106 items of modular accessories (bracers, gloves, cloaks, shoulders) & robes;

](filedata/fetch?id=1795085&d=1596151315) * * * * *


​​​​​​First of all, please read the FAQ and DOCUMENTATION, which answers to most popular questions & describes how it works in Reign of Guilds. * * * * *


Armor & accessories models are prepared for these male characters from UE4 MarketPlace:

  1. UE4 Mannequin (with native skeleton)
  2. Character Customization: Male by CodeSpartan in Blueprints - UE4 Marketplace
  3. Character Customizer by mlindborg in Characters - UE4 Marketplace


1. Compatibility with Epic skeleton? Mannequin? Other characters?
**Version 3.0 **(release date: 09/17/2020): fully supports Mannequin with native UE4 Skeleton.

**Version 2.0 **supports Male character from aCharacter Customizer - UE4 Marketplace
So no animations retarget is needed, but its recommended by the CC Author.

2. What is the difficult with Character Customization: Male?
To use animations from MP you need to retarget them. More information about retargeting animations for this asset:

  1. Video (Youtube);
  2. Documentation;


3. Is it compatible with Character Customization: Female as well?
[SPOILER]No. Development a female character for Reign of Guilds is planned for the end of 2020. Some part of the armor/clothes/robes will be modified only by the geometry (because of anatomy), but another part will need a full rework with new textures.
[/SPOILER] * * * * * * * * * *
Other Assets & Plans

The other assets do not need additional description, but you can ask questions in this topic.

Future plans & voting:

  1. (Armor & Accessories) Adapting meshes for female characters;
  2. (Creatures) Adding to MP new assets (3D creatures: bear, mammoth, deer, etc)

If you are interested in these aspects - please answer in this topic.

reserved for additional assets

Im very interested in both packs and hope you guys set it up for the epic skeleton! While I understand, for me personally, I dont really know much about modeling so am afraid I will buy it and not be able to set it up correctly. I love your guys work! Excited to see what else you release!

Thanks for the appreciation of our work!
We are planning to reskin all SK_ to the UE4 skeleton, but we do not plan to change the geometry of the armor for the Mannequin, because it has rather irregular, non-humanoid proportions, would that be enough for you? What character model are you using?

We’ve just updated our assets to version 2.0, which supports Male character from a Character Customizer
Character Customizer - UE4 Marketplace

Now no animations retarget is needed, but its recommended by the CC Author.

**And to celebrate this, we made a 30% discount on **ROG Modular Medieval Accessories and Robes](ROG Modular Medieval Accessories and Robes in Characters - UE Marketplace)

The next update will be the reskin to native UE4 skeleton (mannequin proportions). But the geometry would stay as a default - Character Customization: Male

Greetings, do you plan to add support for female character from CC? Thanks.

Absolutely thrilled about this pack. I also would love to see female characters as soon as possible. Thank you for your great work here!

Sorry for late response.
Yes, we are planning it for the end of the year.

Thanks a lot!
Adapting for female characters - are the next step with armor/accessories assets.

Hey @AtlantGames,

I’ve been playing a lot with your packs and their quality is astonishing.

I’m using your packs along with Mesh Morpher so I can allow any character to wear armors and robes.

In the bellow picture I’ve created a Morph Target on one of the armors that will fit the armor on UE4 Mannequin

Same process can be repeated to fit the armor on any character.

For cloth items it’s better to bake the morph target into a copy of the skeletal mesh and modify cloth collision. For rigid items there’s no need for that.

I hope you enjoy this kind of stuff and I didn’t offend you by showcasing my own plugin.

Looking forward to grab more of your stuff.


Very nice plugin! <3


We are very pleased that you like our assets.

And of course we take our hats off to your assets - they are really professional & useful!
It’s great that your asset (Mesh Morpher) makes life easier for developers and allows to quickly adapt armor for other characters directly in UE4!

Our latest update (reskin for mannequin) along with your Mesh Morpher can save a lot of time for other users who want to use armor with not supported characters.

With your permission, we will add information about your asset and how it works in our documentation.

Sure. Please do add it to your documentation.

Thanks! :smiley:

Using modular cloths and things like mesh morpher is great to setup characters, but once you also add animations, often cloths intersect with body meshes. Tried hiding bones but it also seems to affect child meshes. Has someone found a fix for this issue?

The solution would be to have the character created with individual body parts. When an item is equipped then the body part that gets covered should be hidden. This is the easiest approach in my opinion. if cloth intersects with other geometry, then perhaps adjusting cloth physics should fix it.

Well, if you hide the bone it also hides the equipped part.

I think you should change visibility of body part skeletal mesh.

This isn’t really a feasible solution since gear items look different, meshes are different. This may work for a very narrow design, or if you have a big studio, or only few models with gear made for these models.

Give us please an example.

For ROG we’d chosen a body part system (described in DOCS).
But as we know - the second way is to use prepared masks for body parts (the way of CC asset).

Someone mentioned you’ll be doing another heavy armor pack soon, is this true? Would be so so thrilled to hear that. Thank you!

Id like to see a video about getting the big 3 working together. Armor/cloth and CCV4 working together.