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Tired of having to minimize or close the Blueprint editor every time you want to find one of the BPs you frequently use?

Feel like you’re constantly searching and reopening the same Blueprints over and over?

At The Tool Shed, we feel your pain!

So we’ve released this plugin to add what should have been a built in feature of the editor: a “Recent Blueprints” menu to the Blueprint editor.


No bull, no nonsense, just a simple, one click access to those blueprints you keep opening… then closing… then reopening… We know what it’s like!

We’re for simple, efficient tools and believe that saving you a tiny amount of time, every single time you do something, adds up to quite a big amount of time!

If you enjoy, feel free to check out The Tool Shed’s other time-saving tools here: The Tool Shed Content


  • Adds a “Recent Blueprints” menu to the Blueprint Editor
  • The menu keeps a list of all recently opened Blueprints
  • And offers a quick access to those

Additional Notes:

  • The menu only tracks Asset Blueprints, not Level Blueprints

This is now live!

I’m on UE5.0, and when I mouse over the recent blueprints item in the file menu I get this crash.

`Unhandled Exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION reading address 0x00000931b6a60000

UnrealEditor_RecentBlueprintMenu!FRecentBlueprintMenuUtils::PurgeList() [D:\build\U5M-Marketplace\Sync\LocalBuilds\PluginTemp\HostProject\Plugins\RecentBlueprintMenu\Source\RecentBlueprintMenu\Private\RecentBlueprintMenuUtils.cpp:57]
UnrealEditor_RecentBlueprintMenu!FRecentBlueprintMenuModule::OnBuildRecentSubMenu() [D:\build\U5M-Marketplace\Sync\LocalBuilds\PluginTemp\HostProject\Plugins\RecentBlueprintMenu\Source\RecentBlueprintMenu\Private\RecentBlueprintMenu.cpp:64]
UnrealEditor_RecentBlueprintMenu!TBaseRawMethodDelegateInstance<0,FRecentBlueprintMenuModule,void __cdecl(FMenuBuilder &),FDefaultDelegateUserPolicy>::Execute() [D:\RocketSync\5.0.0-19505902+++UE5+Release-5.0\Working\Engine\Source\Runtime\Core\Public\Delegates\DelegateInstancesImpl.h:453]`

Thanks for reporting this, we will look into it asap.
Just as a guess it might look like it’s trying ti “clean up” the list which usually happens when one of the BP in the list cannot be found on disk.
Was one of the item deleted?
You can try a few things until we get a fix out:

  • make sure you save BPs that you create before opening the menu. (like if you do 'create new blueprint" but not save it, this might happen)
  • otherwise have a look in you PerUserEditorSettings.ini in your project folder /saved/config folder. Towards the end of it there should be a RecentBlueprintMenu section. Delete the whole section.

If you do get the crash again could you please get your latest editor log from project/saved/logs and post it here, that’d be really helpful

We’ll try to get a fix out asap.
Thanks again

I have uploaded the log from my last crash here https://gist.github.com/ZornTaov/7625bfa787f098266f6ab0a54968bb7a and I can confirm that removing the “missing file” entries from saved/config/windowseditor/editorperprojectusersettings.ini fixed the crash. It’d be a good idea to add a sanity check and make sure the file exists before adding it to the recent menu, otherwise remove that entry from the list.

As an aside, it’d be great if this functionality was extended to other asset types. I’m using the Logic Driver Lite plugin to add state machines to my game, and they don’t appear in your recent list because they’re not “blueprints” per-se.

Thanks for that!
It’s exactly what’s happening, the plugin checks for all entries if the file exists, and if it doesn’t it removes it.
there must be something else going on that’s making it fail to recognize the file doesn’t exist.
Will have a check and submit a fix asap

The recent menu is only for the Blueprint Editor, and it can only recognize actual Blueprints because of that. It would unfortunately be up to the maker of Logic Driver Lite to support something like this


Just submitted a fix for this.
Should show up in the marketplace in a few hours/days