Support programs

hi I’m looking into support programs for UE4, to make life essayer and crate better games.

  • "martial maker Programs " and I’m looking at B2M3 but I wanted to know if there’s any other good programs out there like it. I tried out Pixplant but it didn’t seems to import a hole martial and it also came up with a message about it not being to the Power of 2, could someone explain what that means? Pixplant it was a essay and quick to uses and crate a martial in the program , I was also thinking of any programs that would crate Normal maps and so on and crating the rest in UE4.

  • I have blender, and a student version Maya and mudbox (witch I am currently learning how to use and when I time comes will probably buy)

  • also looking a World Creator but not shore, and world machine I just don’t like, seems overly complex for the task.

-speed tree looks the best option for down the track , I found Forester but the demo wouldn’t even work so I couldn’t import the models into UE to see what they look like, so it doesn’t give me the best confidence to use.

any others would be good.

  1. when you create a texture you should always make sure to use “power of 2” textures -> e.g 512x512, 64x64,… because otherwise it can caus mipmap issues
  2. I personally would choose blender, because it is free and you can do nearly everything with it
  3. take a look at terresculptor -> easy to use + you can create cool heightmaps with it

Other programs are tree [d], SSbump, gimp,… :slight_smile:

thanks I will try them out

I don’t mind paying for programs that are good and make a better product. I find with free programs they are free generally they lack something or they don’t crate a very good product

It might seem that way but trust me…Its very easy to work with World Machine and produces very good result.

Any app that supports FBX would be good