[Support ] Procedural Apartment System - minor hotfix

Hi there,

I’m the author of the procedural apartment systems. I’m using this thread a support thread for the system while we work support related things with Epic.

  1. Documentation is up. You can get it here. I will continue to update it later. I’ll be sending this to epic hopefully they will add it to marketplace soon. But then it’s Christmas now. For now this is what I can do.
    LINK :

  2. I have just receive an e-mail from a buyer regarding a bug.
    Which is that the randomization keeps cycling when any information is change ( padding , etc )

This is a known issue that I’m aware of with 4.6 due to the Vector Equal node having 0 tolerance.
I have provided epic with an update. I believe they would update it soon.

Meanwhile, if you’re using it and is having trouble, do try to fix it like this.

Goto the ProcBuilding_Base blueprint. Goto construction script.
Double click the macro “Transformed has Changed”. Change the tolerance to 0.1 this should fix the problem.

How do I use Procedural Apartment System?

Place any of the blueprints provided except the ProcBuilding_Base . adjust the procedural data to your liking. Watch video for more Information. As mentioned I’m working on the manual that would be released soon.

documentation is up.