Support our first project

Hello everyone,

This is our first game and it was created for training and learning of unfamiliar to us Unreal Engine 4.
The goal of creating this game is to get experience and financial support for the new project.

Our game is passing Steam Greenlight Steam Greenlight::Zombie Parking

We would be grateful for any help. Thanks all in advance.

this is really bad

That is finally a fresh setting and it has zombies, could not be wrong.
I support because i like that you release it as free game.


If I were you I would take a look at killing floor and use it as a playable reference. It looks like you are going for a horde mode gameplay and if that is the case you can do all kinds of interesting enemy types that attack in different ways. Lots of weapons! Weapon choice is a must in games like this but they all need a purpose or a feel to them so players will want to use them. Another thing you can do is see how other horde modes are played and try to build a new system or mechanic so it isn’t just killing and staying alive. No matter what lighting is always important but it looks as if you are going for a dark possibly scary setting and if that is the case do a lot of research on lighting and dark environments. It can really make or break how the player feels when playing.

Anyways, just a few thoughts. Use it how you want. good luck!