Support on common specific issues


My game is almost done (3 years of work so far), set to release on August this year.
I’m currently in the process of starting certification on the consoles.

When the development process requires more specific support (such as Xbox or PS4 engine support, or another problem I had previously regarding SLI profiles for VR games), it feels like it is really hard to get direct support from people that understand the engine and can help us get in the right direction. Based on what I read from the consoles forums, I am not alone in feeling this way.

I understand that giving support to such a massive software like Unreal (especially considering that people use it to create vastly different things - anything from ArchViz, to 2D mobile games and huge AAA games) is not a trivial task.
However, not being able to support smaller teams like mine possibly reduce Epic’s 5% revenue (if we don’t manage to release in a console because of a certification implementation detail, for example - especially considering most small devs have the same problems!).
Paradoxically, having more support staff to fill this need may not actually pay off (considering the hiring or reallocation of personnel cost).

With that in mind, I have a suggestion that would empower small devs like me (who can’t afford a custom license) that come across the same issues a lot of people came across before me, without Epic having to increase its support costs.
From my understanding, UDN allows devs to have a more specialized Epic support.
If the standard Unreal license (or the console dev license - with the extra NDA) would allow us to see and read the content from UDN (or other places with more documentation), more people would be able to release console (and more specialized) games, increasing Epic’s revenue. At the same time, since we wouldn’t be able to ask questions there, there would be no extra support necessary. Big studios would still be interested in custom licenses because the exclusive support would still be unique to custom license holders.

I hope you take my feedback into consideration.

Thank you,
Daniel Zaidan