[SUPPORT] Modular Exhibition/Gallery Asset Pack

As our product is now featured on the Marketplace Showcase, I would like to start this thread to support many of the questions which we have received since releasing this.

Marketplace; Product Page

Building video here; YouTube

Instructional Documentation; Support Documentation

"A fully modular pack containing 100 individual meshes to create realistic and detailed interior scenes. Has been used successfully to showcase various artists and 3D Modeller's portfolio work in VR and WebGL browser-compatible interactive exhibitions to date."

Hey there Poly! I’m having an issue where I’m getting some horizontal lines when light baking image
do you know what could solve that?

Hi Lucas.
This appears to be light baking issue but I have not been able to manage to recreate this problem. My only suggestion is to try to play with the Shadow Bias setting in any lights which you may have in the scene. If you import the asset pack into a new, empty project then it will help you to isolate the problem.

As this seems to be a lighting issue rather than an issue with the asset pack, we can only offer limited support so I suggest you post this in one of the support forum sections where others may be help you better. Thanks for your message, and please post back or email me if you get this solved or need further assistance with anything else.

Hi PollyCreative,

In terms of inserting artwork into the gallery, is there a way to update the pointer to the image after building? I hope to stream the gallery with Furioos and update the art pieces over time. My first time using UE so sorry if my goal isn’t clear here. Thanks in advance.

Sorry, I’m not sure that I understand the question. Are you referring to the Pivot point when you say “pointer”. There are several ways of adding artwork to the environment, such as adding images as Decals, so if you email me directly I can be of more assistance.

In regards to Furioos, this has been used to create environments for use on Mobile, Desktop and VR devices as well as web-based using WebBL. We have not used Furioos as it is still in early access, so it may be an effective, if costly solution for you.

Hey PollyCreative, thanks for the response. By pointer, I’m referring to the way UE “points” to the image file for the artwork that is being projected in the 3D space. Is it possible to render new images after building the project? Or do they all need to be uploaded before build? I’m going to purchase the asset tomorrow and will reach out once I start setting it up. If you have Discord that would be great too. Thank you!

Ah ok, now I understand you. UE allows you to apply any material you create with texture maps to any one of the meshes which are included. It sounds like what would suit you though would be the Decal material. which can be projected onto existing meshes within any scene you create.

You can find more information at the following official documentation; Decals | Unreal Engine Documentation

No, we don’t use Discord I’m afraid but the email address above is constantly monitored and will be answered promptly.