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Hello Everyone,

HCM - Brick Wall is the first product of a Highly Customizable Materials project that I have been working on for a long time. The HCM project is designed to create and customize materials commonly used in daily life. Wood flooring, fabric, pavement, asphalt etc. But now I’m here to show you the brick wall.
HCM - Brick Wall


HCM - Brick wall is a Highly Customizable and Procedural Material that allows you to design and create any brick wall you want. A dirty and damaged wall with graffiti on it, a nice loft apartment wall, a clean shinny painted wall, a castle wall from 14th century… You can control every detail and create brick wall you have in mind with the over 350 parameters. You can bake brick material you created with Material Baker as PBR Textures and use it on any platform you want.


  • Procedural methods for creating bricks.
  • Custom map support for every feature.
  • Detailed texture customization and UVs manipulation.
  • Mixer allows you to customize the bond material on your wall. A clean wall completely covered with plaster or an old wall partially damaged.
  • Wall Painter allows you to paint your wall as you like. You can use any RGB picture or you can paint the masks in 5 different colors.
  • With the Custom Roughness you can adjust the roughness and specular of the brick wall surfaces in a very specific way.
  • You can select your own PBR Textures for brick and bond surfaces from Map Selection.
  • You can bake your brick material as PBR texture outputs with the Material Baker.
  • Supports tessellation, vertex displacement, bump offset and parallax occlusion mapping.
  • Supports vertex painting.

Number of Master Materials: 2
Material Instances: 325
Number of Textures: 160
Texture Resolutions: 8192 (15), 4096 (124), 2048 (13), 1024 (5), 512 (3)
Supported Development Platforms: Windows 64-bit



Detailed content list:

  • 2 map. BrickWallWorkshop scene where you can browse all material instances and MaterialBaker scene allows you to bake your brick wall without any quality loss and to export PBR texture outputs up to 8192 resolution.
  • 5 Blueprint. 2 lighting with small customizations, Interior Walls where you can see and change materials, Material Baker that allows you to bake your material as PBR textures and Light Vector for parallax occlusion mapping.
  • 2 Master Material. One is the main material which all brick walls are created from. The other is an ordinary material which you can create simple material with textures you export.
  • 289 Material Instance. 50 of them are unique, 248 of them contain minor differences, 2 of them are created using Map Exporter, 23 of them are prepared for tutorial purposes.
  • 22 Material Function.
  • 41 Static Mesh. 39 of them are for the scene you see in the images. One is a high-poly box for the display of materials.
  • 14 Brick Type and they normal maps.
  • 5 concrete and 5 plaster PBR textures (albedo, specular, roughness, normal, ambient occlusion)
  • 2 exported brick wall PBR textures. If you want to see how well the Material Baker works you can check them out.
  • 33 Paint Mask. Each mask can be painted in 5 different colors or some of them can be used with their own colors.
  • 9 Generic Map. Can be used many different ways. Painting, damaging, covering whole wall with plaster etc.
  • 5 Stucco Type and normal maps.

Important/Additional Notes:

  • The models in the Workshop map are demonstration only. They are may not suitable for other purposes.
  • Material Baker support albedo, specular, roughness, normal, ambient occlusion and height map. There is a special blueprint setup for this feature. If you try to bake another material except brick wall, it won’t work.
  • Each parameter, setting and option has a short description in the editor.

Update Notes:


Steam: SynthLyn-X

ArtStation: SynthLyn-X

Youtube: SynthLyn-X

Facebook: SynhLynX

Twitter: SynthLyn_X

Instagram: SynthLyn_X

Email: synthlyn-x@outlook.com

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v1.0.5 - Updated October 30th 2019

  • Adjustments were made to the Map Exporter. Now the PBR output are much better.
  • 3 new Brick Type Map added.
  • Minor performance improvements were made.

v1.1.0 - Updated March 19th 2020

New Features and Content

  • Vertex Painting support for Mixer, Custom Roughness and Wall Painter. In addition to custom map support, you can also use Vertex Painting or you can use both at the same time.
  • As a third kind of material, stucco can be added to the wall. Base color, roughness, specular and normal of the stucco can be controlled separately. It also works in harmony with all other * features (Wallpainter, Custom Roughness etc).
  • 3 new Brick Type Map added.
  • 45 new material instances and 4 presets added.
  • From now on mixer edges can be controlled.
  • Thickness can be added to the paint on the wall. You can make it look like spray or regular paint.
  • Brick and bond textures can now store ambient occlusion information in alpha channel.


  • Mixer and Wall Painter are visually improved.
  • Some parameter defaults has been changed. Your own material instance may need to be re-adjustment.
  • New parameters added.
  • Map Exporter normal map result readjusted.
  • Some simplifications were made.
  • Performance improvements were made.

v1.1.5 - Updated August 28th 2020

New Features and Content

  • Material Baker. It allows you to bake your brick wall without any quality loss and to export PBR texture outputs up to 8192 resolution.

  • Parallax Occlusion Mapping support for baked brick wall materials.

v1.3.0 - Updated April 28th 2021

New Features and Content

  • Procedural methods for creating bricks. You can create bricks of any shape and size without mask. Custom mask option still available as well.

  • New brick variation system. 5 different colors, tone, saturation and randomized customization options.

  • 2 new Stucco type and 1 new Brick Type Map.

  • 10 new material instance created with procedural methods and 4 new presets.

v1.3.2 - Updated November 22th 2021

New Features and Content

  • Parameter randomizer, randomizes the effects of procedural method parameters. This makes each brick look different from the others.

  • Distance-based tessellation options.

Unreal Engine 5.0 version released!

Currently doesn’t support tessellation and vertex displacement. But you’ll be able to create height map and use it for creating highpoly nanite mesh. Also I’m working an update for automated this process.

v2.0 - Work in Progress

New Features and Content

  • Brick creation methods is now fully Procedural.

  • Horizontal brick quantity system has been renewed. Now you have more artistic control.

  • Added option to make Vertical brick quantity variation.

  • HCM - Brick wall is now fully compatible with Megascan. You can use megascan materials when creating your brick wall.

  • New variation options to brick surfaces. Now each brick can be different both in it self and from other bricks.

  • Realistic is no longer the only option. You can create stylized bricks.

  • Added Direction and Distance Field masking feature (mossy, snowy bricks etc.)

  • Global Control options for some features (wetness, condition, weather conditions etc.)

  • Tessellation has been completely replaced by the Parallax Occlusion Mapping.

  • Added new preview system. You can preview the Final result and all the maps without baking your brick wall and you can preview height map result with Parallax Occlusion.

  • The Wall Painter tool has been simplified. Decal Master has been added as a separate painting tool. After baking your brick wall, you can add decal on it.


  • HCM - Brick Wall has been completely revamped. All systems have been made more efficient.

  • Scalar parameters have been replaced with Vector parameters. Now easier to control parameters that do similar works.

  • Reduced the number of parameters without damaging the artistic control.

  • Optional individual baking option has been added to prevent crashing problems at low Vram.

2.0 still under development and I have another ideas to make this product to top quality tool. Even in this state, you can create anything tile based. What I need most is your feedbacks to achive this goal. Please write something about your experiences, complains and wishes. Thanks a lot!