[SUPPORT] - FREE webinar - Mocap Editing Pipeline with Unreal Live Link


iClone 7 / Unreal Engine

Date: Feb 25, 2020 (UTC)

Price: Free

Level: Beginner

This webinar covers key tips and tricks you can utilize when capturing and editing your motions in iClone for Unreal Engine. First, we’ll combine some template motions from iClone with facial mocap using the Faceware gear profile. From there we’ll use the Unreal Live Link plug-in for iClone, which is now available for free for select indie studios, to live stream the process into Unreal Engine. This webinar will also take you through the process of converting an already recorded FBX motion into iMotion format and edit, refine, and exaggerate it using the arsenal of motion editing tools available with iClone. Everything will be done while live-streaming into the Unreal game engine using the Live Link plug-in for iClone. Whether you are into motion capture or game development (or both), this webinar will provide you with a fuller knowledge of how these tools can help speed up your production pipeline.

Live Demo Outline:

  • Facial motion capture with Faceware
  • Converting captured FBX to iClone motions
  • Quick motion customization with Direct Puppet
  • Refining & exaggerating captured motions
  • Live Link into Unreal