Support for Wikitude AR SDK

We are producing a mixed reality experience and need a additional AR SDK for placing virtual content over a toy. We have been trialing Wikitude SDK (and a few others) in the past weeks and find it suitable for our needs. Is there any integration into UE4 already available or planned? On their website we see many options but no official UE4 support and their customer support hasn’t answered so far.


Unfortunately the only people who can answer that question are the Wikitude developers.

I’m trying that route already - hoped that someone from the community might know other companies, that already did an integration or wether Epic is supporting more AR SDKs next to ARCore in their unified AR framework out of the box.

Hi @anonymous_user_39dc0760,

I was hoping to use Vuforia, but it seems to be quite difficult to add this SDK to Unreal Engine. Did you find other AR SDK’s?