Support for Quixel in Unreal Studio

Are there any plans to (as I am not aware of any current integration) introduce a plug in to use Quixels new ‘Mixer’ app within Unreal Studio? They have recently released a beta version of a non-destructive material creation app (presumably to challenge Allegorithmics Designer and Painter apps) and it looks amazing and extremely simple.
The use of this tool in the same way as the current Substance plug in could prove beneficial?

I’m not sure how different Unreal Studio is than Unreal Engine, but Quixel included a plug-in for UE4 with there new bridge application. It pretty much creates the material for you.

This belongs in the Feature Request section of the forum. But we are talking with Quixel.

I would like ot know this as well; I do know the Substance plugin works with Unreal Studio…

Quixel plug-in will work with Unreal Studio, because Unreal Studio sits on top of Unreal Engine (Datasmith is a plug-in to UE).