Support for Python 3 in 4.25?

Any chance this will come in the next release? The VFX reference platform has updated to 3.7 for 2020, and Python 2.7 is being retired.

If it’s going to be a longer process, is there potential for a Python 3 version of the PythonScriptPlugin which could be used with a launcher engine installation? Maintaining a source engine build just for Python 3 use is not ideal.

+1, this makes things hard maintaining Python in Unreal as everything else that ties into Unreal from the DevOps perspective is in Python3 in our pipeline. It would be much appreciated if this could get more attention. Further, the unofficial Unreal Engine Python was shipping with both versions all the time, until it got put on hold, as Unreal announced Python support. I wished Epic had acquired the tab20 team.

I wondered what happened there. Although I never really used it, I looked through the tab20 plugin code and they’d done an incredible job. Was rather surprised when Epic went ahead and started making their own, somewhat less comprehensive Python plugin.

@kamrann On their repo they state that they had applied for a epic grant recently, but they didn’t get it. 3 year’s of work thrown into garbage.

Yeah makes no sense. Epic effectively killed an amazing, free extension of their engine by releasing their own inferior one. I mean yeah it’s slightly different focus but the 20tab one could do most of what the Epic one does plus a huge amount more.

Well, most likely Epic wants to avoid becoming Frankenstein Engine stitched from 3rd party solutions. Like the other engine…

They did build their own enterprise asset management tools aka Datasmith instead of just posting blog posts on 3rd party tools. And continue to build their own support for working with Blender, Houdini.
They bought guys behind Skookum Script, but didn’t just quickly stitch to the engine and called it a day. Probably working on a scripting language that would fit better and perhaps reworking some things in the engine for that.

And maybe just 20tab refused to be purchase by Epic and that’s it. Epic went on building their own tools. Or just engineers didn’t like something about their tools, don’t know, haven’t use it :frowning:

Are we going to see Python 3 in Unreal 4.26?