Support for Plastic SCM source control system

Hi there,
I would like to develop a Plastic SCM Version Control plugin but I don’t have a clear idea where to start from.
Is there a specific plugin development guide for Version Control Systems?
Could it be possible to compile the plugin in C# and make it run in the unreal editor? (Maybe through Mono for Unreal)?


Hi JesusMG,

Have a look at this tutorial. It is geared towards users who want to create UE4 plugins: A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Epic Developer Community Forums

Thanks! One more question, is it possible to access to the source code of P4 or SVN plugins supported by default?

Hi JesusMG,

You can get the source code for Perforce and SVN plugins that are included with the Engine. While using the Source version of the engine on Github, you can find them at these filepaths:

Perforce: Engine\Plugins\Developer\PerforceSourceControl

SVN: Engine\Plugins\Developer\SubversionSourceControl

Nice, many thanks for your quick response :wink:

Hi JesusMG,

I would be very interested in testing your plugin if this one would be available. Feel free to keep the community informed…



Any progress on this? I’m looking at whether to use Plastic and having an Unreal plugin would be really helpful…

Hey there, I’ve been working on a Plastic SCM plugin for Unreal Engine 4.11 during the past month, see the forum thread here and my alpha releases on Github