Support for new 64-bit apps requirements from Apple


I was wondering whether UE4 supports exporting a 64-bit device build of the game, in light of Apple’s new requirements that apps starting February will support 64-bit.

I could not find any references to it on latest releases nor in the forums.

I am also interested to hear an update about this as well.

Yes, me too.

Yes, me too.

Yes, me four.

Same here.

Hey guys, the main devs are out (so they’ll reply when they get back) but AFAIK, we fully support 64-bit, not sure if it’s on 4.6.

I can confirm that arm64 support is in 4.6 (you just have to build with shipping configuration), but I don’t have 64bit device to actually test it

Ya, 4.6 has support for 64-bit in both shipping and development if you sync from GitHub yourself and shipping only if you use the binary release of the engine. You can specify the supported platforms in the Project Settings under the iOS section.

They require 64-bit, yet the shipping phones only have 1 GB of RAM…

The problem still exist. Basically you can cook binary in shipping but iTunesConnect will reject your binary.

Epic can you please confirm that you have successfully uploaded 64 bit binary to iTunesConnect? (both with 4.6.1 and 4.7 preview 5)

ah - I’m talking about build with both 32 and 64 bits inside the package because it’s the only “good” way for Apple.

Yes, the currently available Tappy Chicken was built against 4.6 and has both a 32 bit and 64 bit version (as well as a Metal and a ES2 version). I have not yet uploaded the 4.7 version of Tappy Chicken to iTunes Connect as of yet, but I will update when I have.

We did discover a bug when updating the code signing for UDK and the fix for that was migrated over to 4.7. However, we didn’t ever see the same bug in UE4, so it was pulled over as a precautionary measure.

Thanks !

Sounds like we haven’t merged everything, and as far I can know we are using UDK tools to sigh shipping binary. Will check this out Tomorrow, thanks!

64bit App Store


It works for me.

I just uploaded a 0.0.1 Alpha Build IPA to iTunesConnect with no problems whatsoever on 4.6.1 [Preview 5 - 4.7.0 did not work]

  • Mac OXS Yosemite 10.10.2 UE4 4.6.1

Here are my settings

  • Supports Open GLES2 [ticked]
  • Minimum iOS 6.1
  • Support arm64 in Shipping
  • Support armv7s in Shipping

Make sure you tick “full rebuild” and “for distribution”

Thanks Silicon. I think that the problem was that we were doing signing using UDK tools :wink: Will check that Tomorrow. Will check 4.7 Preview 6 as well.

Currently i get this error from Application Loader when trying to upload an IPA build with 4.6.1 on Windows.

ERROR ITMS-9000: “No architectures in the binary. Lipo failed to detect any architectures in the bundle executable.”

Any ideas how to fix this ?

That is the exact bug that we found in the UDK version of the fat binary signing tools. The fix for that was added to 4.7 release. Try the 4.7 preview 6 release if you can. The 4.7 preview 5 was all sorts of incorrect because a number of fixes for iOS were merged right after it was pushed in to the release pipeline. Also, you could get around this by utilizing the 4.6.1 Mac editor to do the packaging. It does not have the signing error.

Thanks! It works with the 4.7 preview 6. :slight_smile:

EDIT: The upload works fine, but there is another error. See the link to answerhub in the post below.

It isn’t working with Preview 7. AH post [4.7 preview 7] Invalid Signature error after uploading to iTunes - Platform & Builds - Unreal Engine Forums

Where should I start looking in backporting the 64-bit support to 4.5.1? Apple started rejecting our pre-release builds today, one week before we have to leave for GDC. We thought pre-release builds classified for the June deadline since we uploaded several after the February 1st deadline, but seems it was a trap.

There’s no way we can port the game to 4.6 in such short notice (after failing twice) and 4.7 is still not stable enough (and I don’t know how much we’ll have to refactor to get around the inevitable unknown issues), so hacking 64-bit support into 4.5.1 is the only viable option right now.